Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh.

Project Spread: B&W photos for magazine spread templates


Project Groom


Project Product


Project White: Wedding Decorations Basically Photograph Themself


Project Couple


Project Future Past: What people in the 80s thought the future would look like


Project Pollen: Photos of Spring


Project West City


Project Central City


Project East City


Project Macro Micro: Extreme magnification shots


Project Snow: Photos of Winter


Project Kids


Project Festive: Photos of Christmas


Project Rain: An exploration in shapeshifting


Project Lord: Times I Met Jesus


Project Sol: Photos of Summer


Project Quiet: Photos of Not Scaring Things Away


Project Astro: Sky Shots


Project Birds


Project Steak


Project Fall: Photos of Autumn


Project White Rock: What happens when a French Man and Japanese Woman visit the Whitest of Rocks?


Project Fog: Photos of... Fog


Project "Not A Project Even"