The following pieces of work are submissions for contract work. I used Maya, Photoshop, and Unity3D to achieve most of it.

Project Maybe Next Time: No sculpting involved


Project Kiosk: A commissioned project that killed my first laptop


The following pieces of work used Maya, Photoshop, and Unity3D to achieve most of it. I did not create the skybox in the games with blue skies, nor did I write any of the shaders (I tweaked some). Project Neon was inspired by specific Cyberpunk Art as part of the Game Jam requirements.

Project Alvilde: WIP


Project DRET: Indie RPG Game Project


Project BSS: 3-Way (Third-person) MOBA for Augmented Reality


Project Vega: Sci-fi (Third-person) Comedy Game for Virtual Reality


Project Steampunk: For Mini-game in Vega, Adapting to Animated Pilot


Project Platonic Solid: Platformer Puzzle IP made for a Game Jam


Project Neon: Cyberpunk Game Jam Entry using layered ring-level design


Project Potts: A pervy game with millions of hits on Youtube


Project Darkade: A horror game inside a game, so you can game while you game


Project DRET Prototype: Game Jam Story Project Prequel


Project Baby: Virtual Baby Game published on Google Play for many years, later removed